About Us

Company Profile

Triphub is one of a kind online marketplace that aims to connect tourists in Pakistan with some of the best tour operators out there. It is the very first tourism website that converges tourists and tour operators on a single platform. We feature trips and events from all over Pakistan. In other words, Triphub is a one stop solution for tourists looking for an unforgettable adventure.

Triphub offers you the following;

  • Access to some of the best tour operators in Pakistan.
  • Navigate and Compare different trips from various tour operators.
  • A chance to explore different events and festivals throughout Pakistan.
  • The freedom to choose trips according to your preference.

What Triphub

  • Explore numerous trips from our website and choose the one that fits their preferences.
  • Compare different trips to see which one has the features they want.
  • Book trips that include activities they would like to do and places they would like to visit at a destination.
  • All this allows our tourists to get the ultimate value for their money.

Tour Operators
  • Find Clients/ Tourists - Operators get the opportunity to promote and market their tours more holistically, via our website and social media. Thus providing them with a forum to engage a wider set of the market and attract as many tourists as possible.
  • Trip Listings - They shall be able to post, view and analyze their trips through our separate dashboard.
  • Manage Bookings - The dashboard will allow them to view the number of people that have viewed, booked and canceled their trips.
  • Alerts and Notifications - Operators will also be able to receive alerts and notifications regarding their trip bookings.
Triphub aims to provide the ultimate freedom to tour operators all across Pakistan to market and engage tourists.