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The Untapped Potential of Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism and travel remain one of the largest business potentials across the world. In 2016 it had a total economic contribution of 8.8 trillion dollars on the global GDP. Aside from developed countries like the UK, the US, China or France, developing countries have been tapping this potential for some years now. Pakistan too, with its immense natural beauty and strategic location, holds an immense potential for tourism that remains untapped.

Problems in the Tourism Industry

Historically, Pakistan’s tourism industry has been marred by terrorism. Travellers were reluctant to visit a place where their safety would be at stake. However, over the past few years, peace has returned due to the collective effort of the government and armed forces. The travel and tourism industry has also consequently seen a steady rise. Still, the contribution of the sector only remains at 2.7% of the GDP. This indicates that there is a huge untapped potential of tourism in Pakistan. Additionally, the poor policies and management of the tourism development institutions are also a part of the problem. For years there has been a lack of authentic channels for people to explore the tourist sites in Pakistan. This too is now indeed being catered to by both the public and private sector institutions.

Opportunities for Tourism in Pakistan

Our country is naturally blessed with exquisite beauty. Our northern areas, in particular, are scattered with picturesque views of the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush Range. On top of that, Pakistan is steeped in a rich cultural heritage and history. All these things make this country the ultimate destination for tourists. All there is to do is to smartly manage the influx of tourists and provide them with a safe and quality environment to enjoy their stay. The government is working towards the development of the tourist industry. For the past few years, authorities have been working to develop topographical, religious, cultural and historic tourist sites all over Pakistan. They are also working to develop a soft image of Pakistan all over the globe to encourage foreign tourists. Another way to encourage tourism in Pakistan is to develop a proper branding and marketing strategy to attract all sorts of tourists. Some travellers look for adventure, while others for vacation. Tourists also travel to explore different cultures and ethnic backgrounds of a region. Religious sites also attract travellers from all over the world. Targeting every segment in a proper way can help boost international tourism in the country. The private sector is also working hard to tap into the tourism sector by developing quality accommodations and arranging proper tours for people. Tour operators have become a common avenue for tourists to arrange their itineraries beforehand. But as the market becomes saturated it is getting harder for travellers to find trustworthy tour operators. Platforms like Triphub present a great way for tourists to connect with operators that are already vouched for and provide the best services out there. Pakistan is uniquely blessed with a variety of tourist sites that can cater to nearly all sorts of travellers. All there is to do is to explore this potential in a clever way in order to develop the tourism sector in Pakistan.

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